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 Creativity. Passion. Success. Kindness. Love. Fashionista.

Hello – I am Roshni Patel, editor of All Things Roshni (ATR).

BY DAY: | retail & eCommerce marketer | face behind @staplescareers social media |
BY NIGHT: | lifestyle blogger | professional bargain shopper | flirts with makeup | sketches for fun | indian pride |

Lets Get To Know Each Other!

All Things Roshni is a fusion of the creativity, inspiration and my everyday.

This is a passionate hobby with the hopes to grow and transform into something “more”.

ATR features affordable fashion, beauty, lifestyle, décor and wellness.

ATR is all about my personal obsessions and everyday journeys with hopes to inspiring all readers!

ATR is a metaphorical lifestyle about encouraging and motivating yourself to show who you are to the world and do so without judgment.

–> Judgment Free Zone Here <–

How did I get HERE?

+My passion for marketing developed young as a child, I was the only one in class whose poster board projects looked like the rainbow spit up on them. Throughout my education from elementary to middle and high school creativity stood out beyond anything else.

+I studied Marketing with a minor in Management from an notable Boston area University. Life took me in fabulous direction from there; starting with Event Planning at Microsoft, eCommerce Marketing & Merchandising at Clarks, to Project Manager of Staples Gift Cards and Staples Credit Program, to currently Program Manager ofTalent Acquisition Marketing at Staples.

+My creative nature is what opened me to the opportunity of creating a website with expectations to harness this passion I have to be “more”. The internet is a sea of information, everyone has a blog, website, etsy shop, portfolio and so much more. How am I different? Well, because we are all different. No two people act, think or look the exact same. I have a lot to share and my content, innovative take and values will be what sets me apart.

+I am learning everything as I go. Utilizing Google, Forums and YouTube to help me construct the vision in my head and infuse it in the form of a website. I love the self-satisfaction of my hard work translating into the overall outcome. After all, that is the end goal: Growing, Learning and Experiencing.

We are all here to leave an imprint on the world. Your stamp, your mark, your seal. And that is what I want to discover. What will I leave on this world? Mostly I want to inspire someone just like the many many many bloggers who have been an inspiration to me.

A Few More Random NUGGETS about me:

+I’m a TAURUS and a firm believer in the power of the Bull.

+I am ENFJ Personality.

+A girl can never have too many: Clothes, Handbags, Shoes, Jewelry or Accessories.

+My name symbolizes “BRIGHTNESS” and “LIGHT”!

+I love the color Blue.

+I am very passionate about everything, likes and dislikes!

+I remember the most random moments and things people say!

+There is a right and a wrong way to hang toilet paper.

+I am obsessed with BodyPump & Spin.

+Shopping is literally my addiction.

+Infatuated With: Mac n Cheese + Puppies + Friends TV Show + The Rock

+Can Live Without: Insects + Stubbing My Toe + Traffic + Stains + Negativity

I Believe In:

+Opportunities. Ideas. Evolution. Transformations. Growth. Truth. Love. Respect.

+The human kind can be more than we are. We can be magnificent. We can be passionate and humble. We need more of that and less negativity.

+Living a wholehearted life means bringing ALL of ourselves to the table. Strive for ownership of our contradictions, our vulnerability and our truths which essentially is everything that makes us human.

+Making mistakes does not define who we are as a person but the way we handle that mistake and move forward is what forms our character.

+The way you treat people is what exemplifies who you are to your very core. Eliminate HATE and strive for POSITIVITY.

“We are born to be REAL, not PERFECT.”


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